Camping World Apprentice Mentorship Program

At Camping World, we are dedicated to fostering an environment that is productive, profitable, and FUNWe believe that “work” and “play” are not contradictory, but instead collaborative. Camping World is America’s #1 source for all outdoor travel needs including RV sales, maintenance and repairs. RV ownership is at an all-time high and campers are in need of quality service and sales experiences in a faster time frame. This is where YOU come into play.

As part of CAMP  you will learn hands on with multiple mentors who have experience in the industry teaching you what it means to run your own business. You will work with us in setting a precedent focused on increasing customer satisfaction and day to day productivity. We expect all managerial level positions to operate within a highly autonomous environment and expect real participation. We do not micromanage, rather we empower individuals to be forward thinking to deliver results. This is truly a opportunity for a career without the cubicle.